In-Season Phase 1 – Week 1 – Friday

Day Four – Friday 31/07/2020
Strength and Power

General Warm Up:
1) Adductor Rock Backs x10ea
2) Pigeon Stretch + Down Dog x10ea
3) 90/90 Hip Rolls x10ea
4) Lateral Lunge + OH Reach x5ea
5) Back To Wall Shoulder Slides x10
6) Push Up Position Shoulder Taps x10ea

1) Tuck Jumps x10 (Repeated)
2) Star Jumps x10
Repeat x1-2

A1) Jump Squats x5
A2) Single Leg Diagonal Hop x5ea
A3) Med Ball Slams x5
x 3 Sets – Rest 60-90sec between sets

B1) Weighted Hip Thrust x8
B2) Chin Up (or variation) x4-6
x 3 Sets – Rest 90-120sec between sets

C1) Walking Lunges x12ea
C2) DB 1 Arm Row x12ea
C3) DB Seated Shoulder Press x12
x 3 Sets – Rest 60-90sec between sets

D1) Leg Lowers x10ea
D2) Plank and Reach x10ea
x 2 Sets – Rest 60sec between sets

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