In-Season Phase 1 – Week 2 – Wednesday

Day Three- Wednesday 05/08/2020
Fitness and Ball Skills

General Warm Up:
1) Quad + Hip Flexor Stretch x10ea
2) All 4’s T-Spine Rotation x10ea
4) Deep Squat + Frog Stretch x10
5) Walking Lunges + Twist x10ea
6) Walk Out x5
7) Side Plank + Clam x10ea

Repeat x1-2

Running Warm Up:
1) Building High Knees x10m
2) A-Skip x10m
3) Single Knee Drives x10m
4) Double Pop x10m
5) Single Leg Forward Hops x10m (ea.)
6) Single Leg Lateral Hops x10m (ea.)
6) Bounding x10m
7) Building run throughs x 70/80/90%


Ball Skills (Partnered)

5min Block – 10 Passes Per Side
– Standing Passes From The Hip
– Step and Pass From The Hip
– Running Passes @ Short, Medium and Long Distances
– Catch And Pass

Fitness: Block #1
All forwards running – Run to the 20m, and back. Going on 20secs
x 4/5/6
Run Forwards to the 20m, run backwards to the start. Going on 20secs
x 4/5/6
Run backwards to the 20m, run forwards to the start. Going on 20secs


Rest 2-3min (or as needed)

Fitness: Block #2
Run 300m in 100m shuttles
Level 1 – Aim Sub 90s – Go Every 180s
Level 2 – Aim Sub 75s – Go Every 150s
Level 3 – Aim Sub 60s – Go Every 120s
x 6 Sets

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