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In-Season Phase 2 – Week 4 Saturday

Day Six – Saturday 19/09/2020
Strength (UB Dominant) + Mobility

General Warm Up:
1) Double Leg Hip Thrust x10 + Single Leg x10ea
2) All 4’s T-Spine Rotation x10ea
3) Sumo Squats x10
4) Split Squats x10ea
5) OH Duck Walks 1x20m
6) Downward dog + Pigeon Stretch

1) Repeat Effort Single Leg Hops 1×10
2) Pogos x30
Repeat x2


A1) DB/BB Shoulder Press x6
A2) Lat Pull Down x12/Chin Up x4-6
x 4 Sets – Rest 2min Between Sets

B1) Push Ups x10-12
B2) DB 1 Arm Row x10-12
x 4 Sets – Rest 2min Between Sets

C1) Couch Stretch 1 x 2min ea.
C2) Bench T-Spine Stretch 1x1min

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