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In-Season Phase 2 – Week 4 – Sunday

Day Seven – Sunday 20/09/2020
Options (Choose ONE that is most applicable):

1) Field Training Session (Team)
2) Sprint & Conditioning Session (Top Ups)
3) Active Recovery (if very sore)

Option 1) Team Based Session
1) 3-5min Foam Rolling
2) 3-5min Stretching
3) 3-5min Activation Warm Up
4) Team Based Warm Up

Option 2) Sprint & Conditioning Session
Use The ‘Conditioning Warm Up’ to prepare for this session

Set 1 – Sprints
Acceleration #1 – S Bends
6 x 10m Per Side (10 Total)
Go Every 30sec

Rest 2-3min

Acceleration #2 – 45 Degree Cuts
6 x 10m Per Side (10 Total)
Go Every 30sec

Rest 2-3min

Set 2 – Conditioning
Aerobic/Lower Intensity Efforts
Run 100m @ 65-70% (or 18-25sec approx)
Walk To Dead Ball Line And Back (approx 10m ea)
Run Back 100m @ 65-70% (or 18-25sec approx)
Repeat For 15min

Aiming To Do 200m Every Minute
18min = 36 Laps In Total
Approx 3.6km Run

Option 3) Active Recovery
1) 5-10min Foam Rolling
2) 5-10min Stretching
3) 5-10min Activation Warm Up
4) Something “Light” For 10-30min

Eg. Easy Swim, Walk, Ride, Stretch, Yoga, Netflix Session, Read A Book, Sleep In, etc.

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