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In-Season Phase 2 – Week 4 – Thursday

Day Four – Thursday 17/09/2020
Power Circuit (Activation + Power)

Activation Warm Up:
1) Mini Band X-Walk x10ea
2) Copenhagen Bridge x10ea
3) Deadbug x10ea
4) Superman x10ea
5) Single Leg Calf ISO Hold x30s
6) OH Walking Marches 1x20s


A1) Sprint/Accelerations x20m
A2) Barbell/DB Squat Jumps x5
A3) Med Ball Chest Pass x5
A4) Single Leg Diagonal Jumps x5ea
A5) Med Ball Hip Toss x5ea
Rest 3-4min.
Repeat x5

*To progress here, add load and intent. Intent can be measured internally via how much effort you put into each rep to generate speed/force.

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