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In-Season Phase 2 – Week 4 – Wednesday

Day Three- Wednesday 16/09/2020
Sprints & Strength (FB)

General Warm Up:
1) Quad + Hip Flexor Stretch x10ea
2) Cat + Camel x10
4) Deep Squat + Frog Stretch x10
5) Walking Lunges + Twist x10ea
6) Walk Out x5
7) Side Plank + Clam x10ea
Repeat One Round

Running Warm Up:
1) Building High Knees x10m
2) A-Skip x10m
3) Single Knee Drives x10m
4) Double Pop x10m
5) Single Leg Forward Hops x10m (ea.)
6) Single Leg Lateral Hops x10m (ea.)
7) Bounding x10m
8) Building run throughs x 70/80/90%

Sprints: Flying Starts
6 x 10m Efforts
Build Over 20m & Do ’10m’ At Max
Rest 60-90sec Between Efforts

A1) Back Squat/Goblet Squat x 6
A2) Squat Jump x 6
x 4 Sets – Rest 2min Between Sets

B1) Chin Up x 4-6
B2) DB Push Press x 6
x 4 Sets – Rest 2min Between Sets

C1) Walking Lunges x 10ea
C2) TRX Inverted Row x 12-15
C3) Side Plank x 45-60s
x 3 Sets – Rest 60-90sec between sets

D1) Single Leg Glute Bridge x 15-20ea
D2) V-Sit Up x 15
x 3 Sets – Rest 60sec between sets

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