Peak Season program – Phase 2 – Wednesday – Week 2

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Day Three – Wednesday 28/10/2020

Warm Up:

1 x 10m 
Building High Knees
A Skips
B Skips
Pogos Forward & Backwards
Single Knee Drives
Side to Side Shuffle
Forward jog, backward jog, accelerate x 50%, 75%, 90&

2 rounds of:
Single Leg Pogos x 20ea
Max Effort Squat Jumps x 5
Lateral Lunge x 5ea
Walk out + push up x 5


A1) 10m Hill Sprints
5 x 10m Efforts on 30 – 45 seconds 

B1) Max Speed
4 x 40m Efforts on 3 minutes

C1) Change of Direction – W Drill

10 x T Drill – Go Every 15 seconds

Rest 2-3 Minutes 

x 2


* Working continuously @65-75%
* Use a full length football field (100m)

How to: Job from 0-20m, Run from 20-80m, Job from 80m to goal line & back to 80m, then walk from 20m to goal line. (That is 1 rep = 1 x 200m effort)

Level 1: Set timer to 12 min 
Aim to run 2.4km total 
Jog @50% Run @70%

Level 2: Set timer to 15 min 
Aim to run 3km total 
Jog @50% Run @75%

Level 3: Set timer to 20 min 
Aim to run 4km total 
Jog @60% Run @75%


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