Pre-Season Phase 2 Week 1 – Monday

Day One – Monday 29/06/2020
Speed and Agility

General Warm Up:

1) Hip Flexor + Rotation x5ea
2) Single Leg Glute Bridge x 10ea (Banded if possible)
3) Static Lunges x10ea
4) Pogos x20
5) SL Hop around the clock x ea side Repeat x1-2

Running Warm Up:
1) Building High Knees x 10m. Repeat x2
2) A skip
3) Single Pop
4) Double Pop
5) SL Hop x 3ea
6) SL Hop & Cut x 3 ea
7) Building run throughs x 70/80/90%


Speed and Agility
A1) Max Sprints x 10m & 30m with reaction start
A2) 3 x Ladder Drills (fast feet- left/right leg lead, in and outs)
x 3 sets

Speed and Agility under fatigue
B1) Partner scoop and chase x 2ea
B2) Cone Touches x 15
x 2-3 sets

Run 10m, Backwards 5m.

Cones at 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m.
Run to the 10m, backwards to the 5m, Run to the 15m, backwards to the 10m, etc.
Once you get to the 30m, sprint home.
Rest 45-60secs
x 3 -5reps

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