Pre-Season Week 2 – Wednesday

Day Three- Wednesday 10/06/2020
Fitness and Ball Skills

Warm Up:
– Tip Toe Walks 1x20m
– Single Leg Toe Touch x30sec ea (eyes open) + 10sec each (eyes closed)
– Static Lunge x10ea
– High Knees, Butt Flicks, Side Steps, Karaoke 1x10m ea.
– Double Leg Jump x3
– Single Leg Jump x3ea
– Fast Feet into 1x10m, 1x20m and 1x30m at building intensities
Complete 1 full round for warm up.

Ball Skills (Partnered)

– Running and Passing 2-3m Width x5reps each side
– Running and Passing 5-7m Width x5reps each side
– Hot Hands x10-20reps
– Stationary Long Balls x10reps each side
*Make sure you do both left and right sides

Running Fitness – Pick a Level
1) 20, 40, 60m Shuttle (240m Total)
Rest until time is up and then go to #2
2) 5 x 10m Up and Backs
Rest until time is up and then go back to #1

Level 1 = Go On 120-150s x 3 rounds
Level 2 = Go On 120s x 4 rounds
Level 3 = Go On 90s x 3-5 Rounds

For example, if you are doing Level 1 – do 20,40,60m. Rest until 120-150secs is up. Then do 5 x 10m up and backs. Rest until 120-150secs is up. Repeat x 3)