COVID-19. Coronavirus. Rona.

Whichever you preference, this global pandemic has most definitely had an immense impact on the sports industry. Regardless of age, gender or ability COVID-19 has shattered the dreams, goals and opportunities of touch players across the globe.

In the history of our sport, we have never seen a disruption as large as COVID-19. The nature of the virus has forced every single athlete to be stood down from playing, training and competitive duties for a dramatic period of time.

What is most concerning about the abandonment of sport is that we have no idea what the repercussions will be when we return. The reality is, no athlete has been able to train as they usually would. Team trainings – cancelled. Gyms – closed. Competitions – postponed. Athletes have been forced to use the resources they have to maintain fitness, skill and strength. Not an easy task. Especially for our junior players, who made up 67% of total participation numbers.

So, how do we address the return to sport issue?

Our answer. Be PROACTIVE, not REACTIVE.

Right now, we are presented with an opportunity to prepare. An opportunity to ensure that our bodies (and minds) are equipped with the skills required to return to the touch field. An opportunity to prepare our bodies to minimise the risk of injury.

With the return of sport just around the corner the health and safety of our athletes should take precedence. We encourage coaches to assist their athletes through this preparation period and we encourage athletes to maintain their fitness, skill and strength.

Tune in next week for our article on ‘How To Prepare for the Return to Touch’.

– Sammy and Ash xx